Recognition for Paul

Turkish Mosque ODP pic of the week 1 Sept 14

This image got Paul ODP “Pic of the Week” recognition

Taken at the Turkish Mosque in Midrand, Paul achieved this image using a tripod mounted Canon 7D, and a Sigma 8mm circular fisheye lens. 3 images were shot in AEB [-1.67, 0 and plus 1.67], and merged to HDR.

A rain storm a while before helped to enhance the reflections on the tiles, resulting in a stunning image, which was recognised as the ODP Weekly Choice on Outdoor Photo

Comments from ODP –
Effective. You used the 8mm very well to find a visually enigmatic perspective. Excellent example of perspective manipulation.


Letaba 1

Paul’s image of the elephant known as Letaba 1 is featured on the official Kruger National Park website

We recently heard that SANParks were looking for images of deceased elephants from Kruger National Park, known as “The Magnificent 7”, due to the size of their tusks.

Paul had an image of the animal known as “Letaba 1”, taken many years ago, and as happens, the only known image of this specific 4-legged Hercules. While on holiday recently at Kruger National Park, we visited the Elephant Centre and chatted to the relevant officials. They were thrilled to know that there was in fact a photo of Letaba 1, as they had been under the impression that none existed.

Paul duly sent his photo to SANParks, and it is now featured on their official website, via this link




Further to Paul’s first “accolade” of the Turkish mosque image – the same image is now featured on the header page of the website relating to the mosque itself! It is also now resident in their photo gallery.

Nizamiye Complex website header page

Nizamiye Complex website header page

Nizamiye Complex image gallery

Nizamiye Complex image gallery


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