About Paul

Climb high or go low, but get where you need to be to get that all important shot! This one was captured while at Augrabies Falls.

Photographed at Augrabies Falls, April 2008.

More about Paul
My interest in photography started some years back, while working in the Kruger Park. I was a courier (tour bus driver) and used to take tours through the Kruger from Phalaborwa. It quickly dawned on me that, whilst I was being paid to go game-viewing, why not get into photography at the same, so as to capture the moments & treasure the memories. With that in mind, I purchased a Minolta XG2 (film camera) with an array of lenses. Based on the advice of fellow couriers, I only ever shot on slide. Sadly that chapter came to an end when I moved to Johannesburg.


The camera was then only used on rare occasions, as family life and work commitments, took centre stage. I’d been eyeing digital cameras for some time, however based on info, a camera under 10 MP’s quality was not up to the standard of slide. Finally in 2007, Canon introduced the 400D, at approximately 10.1 MP, so I invested in that. From there I have progressed through the ranks within Canon and now own a 5D and 7D. Fortunately due to my profession, get to travel all over Southern Africa, always ensuring my cameras go with.

My favourite subjects – wildlife, landscape, architecture and astronomy.

For a few years now, Sioux and I have travelled to many an interesting destination, exploring our joint passion of looking at life through a viewfinder, from many different angles, high-up or low-down to the ground. We jointly at times have a total of over 3,000 images and spend many a long hour editing, landing up with a collection of images we are proud of.

Due to modern digital printing technology, we have been able to transform the images from some of our trips into coffee table books, “10 days in paradise” (Kruger National Park) and “Footprints in Africa” (Serengeti, Mombasa and Tanzania).

Links to the 2 books:

Kruger National Park


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