Farewell #21………

Some 25 plus years ago, peering through the closed windows and back gates of a house for sale, I liked what I saw and declared this abode home. With 3 kids & pets, space was needed and #21 had exactly that……4 large bedrooms and a huge back yard…..enough space to live, play & enjoy!

Indeed, home it became for many years. Ironically, although I was known in my family as the wanderer, I was to become the only one to live in one place for many years, my home becoming the family gathering venue.

Loving home

Loving home

Roses are red

Roses are red

Over the years, along with the human residents, 7 dogs, 2 cats, a couple of hamsters, a feral pigeon, many wild birds and even a snake made our home theirs, sharing in the love, laughter, fun, tears, sadness and experiences that could fill volumes.

Birds kitchen

Birds kitchen

A house became a home. Bricks and mortar became a haven of warmth & safety. Trees grew from saplings, delicious fruit was plucked straight off the branches & into hungry mouths, fresh veggies from the garden to the plate, children played, life was lived, occasions celebrated and the years flew by.

Children blossomed into adults & moved on, coming back for visits – their own children now filling the empty rooms with the sounds of happy laughter.



Play place

Play place

And then came the time to part company with a home that was now too big, it was time to downscale and start anew. Walking away from my haven for the last time evoked some sadness, a feeling of loss, like the death of a loved one, but the wonderful memories will remain forever.

Farewell #21, your walls and warmth kept me & mine safe and dry for so long, but tis now time for you to watch over the growing years of another young family.

Farewell #21, your welcoming aura will be missed by many.

And now comes the freedom of a whole new life, new journeys & adventures, new stories to be written, new footprints to be made…………I’m footloose & fancy free!!!


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