Star trails

Into the night………

The night skies have so much to offer, much that the naked eye can’t possibly see, but a well placed and properly timed camera can…… trails! A few early images too….early eve and early morn….


Into the sun……

Early morning or early evening have got to be the most beautiful times of day, and with giant birds lining the horizon at sunrise, great images were waiting to be made. An outing with the Joburg Photowalkers gave us the opportunity to get into Zwartkops Airforce Base & Museum before sunrise, great fun! Full frontal

Just chilling

Where I am happiest…..

A client that has become a friend hadn’t yet been to The Pilansberg, so early one Sunday morning we set off, Paul playing chauffeur, while we were the intrepid photographers. A cloudy day didn’t help the light much, but the shutters were clicking anyway…….with some fair results I think……without a doubt, where I am happiest……in the…

Dune 7

Lost in the desert….

I’d not been to Namibia before April 2015, so Paul decided that’s where we’d spend the long weekend at the end of April this year. Lots of fun, learnt to ride a quad bike and got shouted at by a pelican….up close & personal! Fab trip, gonna go back! Wreck at sunset

Maboneng, place of light

A stroll about town……..

Downtown Johannesburg hasn’t always been the safest place to go walkabout, especially not with an expensive camera in hand, but things are looking up and when walking in a group, I guess there’s more of a sense of security, plus the fact that the JHB Metro are trying to get feet back into the town,…